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Working Remotely in an Apartment

          As our routines of daily work habits have changed, the new normal for many of us have changed to working remotely.  With many companies encouraging their workers to continue working from home, it’s time to change out that makeshift “desk” on the kitchen table and opt for a real workspace going forward.  As you may have noticed, lounging restfully on the couch in your comfy sweats for a straight eight hours doesn’t always equate to productivity every day.

          Therefore, working remotely has to break down to your own comfortability as well as productivity during the day.  You should have the same amount of focus, or a relative amount while working from home as opposed to being in the office.

          Moceri Luxe Living for Lease wants to help you work productively from your luxury apartment, so take a look at this short list of steps for creating a functional workspace in your apartment:

Situate a Desk Area for a Designated Workspace

          Ditch the kitchen table or couch and designate a working area the best that you can.  Don’t have a proper desk in your apartment?  You can opt for a spare side table or a portable card table in its place before you invest in a new desk.  The key is removing any work out of the areas designated for other purposes, like lounging and decompressing on the couch after work or to have a meal at the kitchen table for dinner.

          Use an area of your apartment, suggestively the main living area, to set up your computer, notebooks, and other work materials.  While living in an apartment, whether the rooms are big or not, the rooms can start to feel rather claustrophobic when too many things are in them.

          The objective of situating a desk area is to keep all your working materials in one area while keeping your apartment comforting and livable.  Sometimes it can be hard to disengage from the daily work activities while being at home.  So, locate a corner in your apartment with the most space, a good amount of lighting, and preferably somewhere away from the kitchen.

Make the Working Area in Your Upscale Apartment Inviting

One of the ways that make working from home a little more personable is to decorate your area like you would your cubical or office space at work.  Here are some ways for the workspace in your apartment to keep you focused but still say enough about who you are:

  1. Make sure to choose a spot in your apartment living area with the most natural light!  Put your desk station underneath a window, giving you a constant view of those much-needed breaks during your working hours.
  2. Grow some fresh plants at the edge of your desk.  Indoor plants not only give your rooms a fresh smell, but many studies have also determined that indoor plants can improve concentration, reduce overall stress, and add a personal touch to your work area.
  3. Use an area rug for a cozy vibe while you work.  A rug will provide a little separation from your workspace and the rest of your apartment.
  4. Opt for an ergonomic chair if you don’t already have one.  You don’t want to worry about being uncomfortable during your daily grind.  Adjust the lumbar for added back support, if your chair has those settings.  If you’re in need of a new desk chair, anyway, use this opportunity to add some color or personalization to the new desk area.  You might even find an office massage chair that offers everything from back support to leg circulation!

Moceri Companies: Luxury Apartments for Rent in Auburn Hills

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            These luxury apartments are surrounded by award-winning restaurants, first-class shop-ping including Somerset Mall, Great Lakes Crossing, and The Village of Rochester. There are social outlets such as Meadowbrook Amphitheatre, DTE Energy Music Theatre, and movie theatres as well as excellent schools and universities, and recreational interests. With an apartment for lease from Moceri, you will find only the finest amenities and activities near you!

            For four generations, the Moceri name has been synonymous with residential real estate excellence in Michigan. Let Moceri help you find your dream home today!

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